A message to dog walkers on Weston Shore….

The Friends of Weston Shore have become concerned about an increasing problem of dog walkers failing to remove the mess when their dogs have defecated on Weston Shore. This is particularly bad in the Rolling Mills part of Weston Shore.

Clearly responsible dog walkers are welcome to enjoy Weston Shore with their pets for exercise and fresh air for both. But dog faeces when left on the ground are a serious problem and a distinct concern to human health. This is particularly for young children and their enjoyment of the area.

As well as health issues, it’s also a waste and annoyance if you tread or sit in dog mess. Not only can it ruin a day out but also lead to expenses with having the clothing or shoes cleaned or even thrown away. Finally dog faeces are unsightly and spoil what is supposed to be an area of natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Failing to remove dog faeces can sometimes amount to a criminal offence and we ask that dog walkers be vigilant in tackling this problem. Please ensure that you dispose of your dog’s mess properly.

Draft agenda for our next meeting – Thursday 21st March..

Friends of Weston Shore


 Thursday 21st March 2013

  1. The Roll Call!
  2. Minutes from last meeting
  3. Proposed Skate Park (Victoria Road/Swift Road)
  4. Sign/Bench Project with Groundworks
  5. Fund Raising
  6. Dog Issue at Rolling Mills
  7. Signs and Banners
  8. The Pontoon near Southampton Sailing Club
  9. Spring Shore Clean  – Sunday 21st April
  10. Sholing Valleys Spring Fayre – Saturday 18th May
  11. Big Lunch – Sunday 2nd June?
  12. Summer Shore Clean – Sunday 4th August
  13. Sholing Valleys Summer Fayre – Saturday 7th September
  14. Autumn Shore Clean – Sunday 10th November
  15. The blog/facebook/twitter etc
  16. Next meeting and AOB

If you are interested in coming along to our next meeting, please get in touch.