Wildlife Report for Friends of Weston Shore

The wildlife to be found on beautiful Weston Shore in Southampton is the focus of a new study commissioned by the local Friends group looking after the area. The Friends of Weston Shore’s report on the plants and animals has been written by professional Field Ecologist Philip Budd and is the result of many visits to the shore by Philip during 2015.

The Friends of Weston Shore’s report is centred on a list compiled by Philip of the species observed at the shore. In total, this is an astonishing 958 species of plants and animals! Weston Shore is clearly a rich habitat to be home to such a large and diverse range of species. This includes 21 species of butterfly, such as the Clouded Yellow, and 163 birds including the Stonechat and Common Whitethroat.   As well as being a beautiful place for people to visit, the report’s contents show how important Weston Shore is for nature.

The Friends of Weston Shore with their new Wildlife Report

The Friends of Weston Shore with their new Wildlife Report

Philip Budd, the author of the Wildlife Report

Philip Budd, the author of the Wildlife Report

The members of Friends of Weston Shore have been enjoying field trips to learn more about the wildlife to be found there with Philip. A walk along the shore with someone as knowledgeable as him highlights how the plants and animals live in an ecosystem. For example, small insects called coneheads (related to grasshoppers) live in the sea purslane found on the shore. As a group, the Friends have valued these visits and are hoping to have more in the future.

Copies of the survey are going to be made available soon so that more people can learn about the wildlife on Weston Shore and those who want to get invited are welcome to join the Friends of Weston Shore as they continue to find out more. The wildlife report was produced with help from Southampton City Council and Groundwork South.

For more information about the Friends of Weston Shore, please go to www.westonshore.wordpress.com, follow them on twitter at @WestonShore or find them on Facebook. You can contact the Friends of Weston Shore by sending an email to westonshore@gmail.com.

You can read the report by downloading it here :

Weston Shore Survey report for Friends of Weston Shore – Philip Budd – pdf format (1.71 MB)



Lovell Grant awarded to Friends of Weston Shore

The Friends of Weston Shore, a local community group in Southampton, were delighted recently to be awarded a generous award from the Lovell Grant. This funding is to be used to help with their expenses for the Big Beach Clean Up on Saturday 8th August 2015, which is their annual litter pick on Weston Shore. The aim of the litter pick is to clear up lots of rubbish so that not only does the beach continue to look beautiful but is also a safe and beneficial habitat for the species that live there.

The group’s public litter pick is held every year in August and normally attracts over fifty people. In a few hours these energetic volunteers help clear up a large amount of litter on the shore. Not only is litter unsightly, it can also pose a danger to the wildlife that live on the shore, especially sea birds.

The funds from the Lovell Grant are being used to purchase small treats for children taking part in the litter pick and the group hope that families from the local area will be able to join them on the day. To add to the fun, the group are having a pirate theme to the beach clean. Adam Manning, chairman of Friends of Weston Shore, said, “as a group we are always delighted when families with young children can join us for the litter pick as we hopesccblacksquare SB-A4 taking part helps them develop an interest in their environment and the natural world.”

Sarah Killworth, the group’s secretary, added, “we are delighted to receive the funding from the Lovell Grant with the help of Southampton City Council. This enables our litter pick to become a really special day and will add a lot of fun to the event.”

The Big Beach Clean Up is on Saturday 8th August 2015 from 10am to 1pm on Weston Shore, Southampton, starting near the Pitch & Putt Course. Please dress sensibly for the event. All children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Small treats for children taking part are available while stocks last.

For more information about the event and Friends of Weston Shore please email them at westonshore@gmail.com.

Friends of Weston Shore