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  1. I would like to make you aware of a planning proposal (C/13/73260) that is due to be heard at the Hamble Primary School this coming Thursday 28 November.

    The area immediately adjoining the site is designated as a RAMSAR as well as a Special Protection Area; there is no information to support a detailed assessment of the effect of the proposals in conjunction with all other plans and proposals in the area affecting this European Statutory designation.

    The mud flats are also a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and whilst no development is proposed directly on the SSSI an integral part of the designation is its suitability and availability as foraging for protected species of wading birds. Light pollution has been assessed elsewhere in the SSSI as contributing to a degradation of habitat and the essential support function to migrating birds.

    The Ecological Assessment offered in support of the current application is more than 10 years out of date and does not provide a sound basis upon which to make any form of appropriate assessment of any impacts associated with the development on the environment.

    Unfortunately with limits on what officials can carryout a lot of reports are conducted from a desk miles away where they have poor representation of an area and do not appreciate aspects that are overlooked in the planning applications and only review on the strength of what material is attached to the file online via planning. I am writing to you to request that you pass this on to a member or groups that may wish to have a voice in this matter and protect the mudflats and the future of all the species that feed here and are not forced elsewhere due to the light intrusion of these futuristic houses that are white rendered cubes with predominately glass walls looking directly onto Southampton Water – currently at this location there is no highway lighting and it is at night completely dark, the ground has never been built on and has a history of bats, wading birds and more than likely many other species that only enthusiasts like yourselves would be aware of. Please please help us by raising awareness of this an remembering this is within a conservation area and has to or should we say is meant to enhance and add to the area.

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