Weston Shore is one of the few places in Southampton where you can have immediate contact with Southampton Water and is highly valued both by local people and visitors to the area.  It’s a beautiful place and many people have happy memories of wandering up its long, shingle beach enjoying the sunshine and the sea breezes.

It’s also important for wildlife and the foreshore is recognised as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Many people will know of it for the family of swans that have taken up residence or the seagulls that are a familiar sight.  Visitors from near and far love to take in the sights, bask in the warm glow of the sun or feel refreshed in the bracing wind of a winter’s day.

The Friends of Weston Shore grew out of an annual clean up on the shore that began in 1996.  With the help of Southampton City Council, these fixtures became a regular event.  The Friends of Weston Shore formed to build on these activities.

The clean ups have been a big success and are part of the plan that lead to the area being awarded the prestigious Green Flag award in recognition of the shore’s beauty.  They form a regular part of the group’s activities.

We have also been involved with book readings on the shore and picnics and helped to promote walks looking at the shore’s bird life. We are looking into new projects at present including perhaps a new bench on Weston Shore or signs to promote various points along the shore and links to other areas in the neighbourhood.

We are hoping that other people can join us and help make the most out of what is a very beautiful and treasured part of the city.  If you would like to get involved please get in touch!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. The beach is looking really good now. There is very little litter. However, dog fouling is still a problem and the Southampton antisocial behaviour team would be very grateful for any information leading to identification of offenders.

    • I agree with your comment regarding dog fouling. However, what does the person who puts the little cocktail stick flags around hope to achieve? The sort of person who allows their dog to foul and leaves it behind surely is not the kind of person who would be affected by a very small note on a very small flag. Have they also considered that an upright cocktail stick could possibly cause injury to a small child or animal should they fall or step onto it. I don’t know what the answer is to the dog fouling problem, but in some countries bags are made available alongside dog bins in parks etc.., just an idea.

      • I think dog fouling in an area like Weston Shore is a disgusting problem and the people that let the dogs do it should be ashamed. Anything that can be done to bring attention to the problem is a good thing.

  2. I agree with Neil, putting cocktail sticks in dog faeces is potentially dangerous. I also find it a bit strange to say the least. My wife and I are very responsible dog owners and have a very well behaved golden Cocker Spaniel called Bella. We always pick up poo and frown on those who don’t. However, as a dog owner I feel that we often get an unfair amount of ‘dog bashing’.

    Dogs, like any other living thing, have to open their bowels daily. This isn’t ‘disgusting’ but perfectly normal and you certainly cannot stop a dog from doing it! But judging by the amount of poo bags in the wastebins, I’d say that the vast majority of owners DO clean up.

    But have you tried walking along Hamble Lane, near the college? Bucket loads of Horse poo on the pavement makes it almost impossible. Also, the green between Weston tower blocks and the shore is covered in it and is it any more pleasant to step in? No! Does anyone mention that? No.

    My biggest beef has to be about cat owners. When I lived in Dundonald Close, backing onto Weston Shore, I was plagued by cats. They killed the fledgling Blue Tits in my garden. They defecated DAILY in my daughter’s sand pit and my flower borders and the tom cats would spray by my front door! They also kept us awake at night by wailing at each other and fighting over their territories!

    When I wrote complaints to the irresponsible owners, who let them roam free both night and day, I was bluntly told, “that’s what cats do” So does that make it acceptable? No! At least dogs generally poo in public places, rather than your toddler’s sand pit! I would gladly give the names of some local cat owners to the Southampton antisocial behaviour team to go and knock on their doors too.

    To return to dogs, I would like to point out that in Old Bursledon park, there is a poo bag dispenser, which is a God send when any owner genuinely forgets to put a couple of bags in their pocket.

    So come on guys, give dogs a break. There are guide dogs, hearing dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, alpine rescue dogs and military sniffer dogs. They truly ARE man’s best friend. What does a cat do for society?

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