Looking back on 2016 for the Friends of Weston Shore…

It’s been another busy year for the Friends of Weston Shore and we’ve been very active in our goal of keeping the shore as clean as we can.

Shortly after Christmas last year, the Southampton Natural History Society included Weston Shore in one of their nature walks in the area. This involved walking up the shore and through the Conker Field in Netley and it was a good opportunity to view the area as part of the larger picture. Thanks to Phil for inviting us.

Also thanks to Phil, the group produced a large number of copies of our Wildlife Survey of Weston Shore and we are now in the process of distributing this to the local universities, colleges and schools. Part of our plan is that the Wildlife Survey can be used as the basis for posters, leaflets and booklets about the wildlife to be found on our shore.

The first of this year’s litter picks took place in May of this year and we noticed that a large number of cuttlefish and carrots had been washed upon the shore. This clean up was just for the group and was followed in the middle of July by our traditional, annual Big Beach Clean Up.

In the Big Beach Clean Up, we continued our pirate theme from last year and it was a pleasure to see more families getting involved. We reverted to holding this on a Sunday as before and attendance was good, helped by a day of warm weather.

This was followed by a late summer beach clean at the end of August, on a day of blazing sunshine. This was with volunteers from the Environment Agency, who were there as part of their Corporate Responsibility Policy. They were very enthusiastic and it was one of the longest litter picks the group has helped with.

We had a further litter pick in the middle of October and this was part of the Southampton Sustainability Week programme of events. We were joined by friends from the Bitterne Litter Team and Surfers Against Sewage, along with the Student Union from Solent University. This included a number of journalism students, who prepared news reports on the day’s events. It had threatened to rain, but luckily this kept away for the duration of the beach clean.   One of the volunteers had come all the way from Crawley to take part!

Looking ahead, we have our Educational Packs to finalise and the group has been discussing the possibility of fund raising for further projects connected with Weston Shore.

We also hope to continue learning more about the wildlife to be found on the shore and developing a wider appreciation and understanding of this.

If you would like to find out more or get in touch, please contact us at : westonshore@gmail.com.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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