Cuttlefish and Carrots

A recent Sunday in May saw the Friends of Weston Shore spring into action once more and clear up a large amount of rubbish from the beach.

Finds of the day included lots of cotton buds and cans as usual.  The Friends noted a lot of cuttlefish washed up on the shore and, for some reason, an equally surprising amount of carrots.  We could only surmise that the carrots may have come from one of the cruise liners in Southampton at present. Perhaps a crate of them had been washed overboard in an accident.

Ian from Friends of Weston Shore found a cushion that appeared to be part of a settee washed up on the shore and bravely was able to haul this to our collection point. We concentrated on the area around the stream that crosses the shore near Westwood and in a few hours had helped the area look wonderfully pristine again.

The litter pick was great fun and we are now looking forward to our next one – the Big Beach Clean Up on Sunday 17th July 2016 starting at 10am near the Pitch & Putt course on Weston Shore, Southampton. We hope lots of people can join us on the day and look forward to seeing you then!



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