Autumn clean up at Weston Shore

On a lovely Saturday morning a few weeks ago, the Friends of Weston Shore were on the shore for a beach clean. We now have all the equipment we need for this. We timed it for a weekend after Guy Fawke’s Night when there is usually some debris from fireworks to be found. (Click on any of the photos for a closer look).

Although it was cold, the rain stayed away thankfully right up to when we finished.


Over the year, the shore has made a good recovery from the storms of earlier in the year but there was still quite a lot of litter to be cleared up.

robin adam

One of the more interesting finds on the shore was what looked like an industrial light bulb, possibly from a factory or warehouse.


After a few hours of work it was great to see the shore looking pristine again on what had been a very enjoyable morning!



2 thoughts on “Autumn clean up at Weston Shore

  1. Well done everyone! I do feel very guilty that I’m usually not able to attend these events due to my flying duties but can promise you that I always do my bit with a couple of carrier bags, whenever I’m walking along the shore with our dog Bella.

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