Details from our Annual General Meeting

Here are some notes taken from our Annual General Meeting, including a look ahead into 2014.

1. Chairman’s Report

The outgoing Chairman reviewed the year and concluded that 2013 had been the best year yet for the Friends of Weston Shore. We are pressing ahead to new and exciting ideas for the future and have been working on a plan of action for 2013.

2. Electing the new committee

After the vote the new committee was elected. Adam will be the Chairman, Sarah the Secretary and Georgie is the Treasurer.

3. The Plan for 2014

We have previously spent time working on a plan of action for 2014 and Sarah took us through this. This was presented to the group and approved.

In discussing our plan, a number of points were considered.

The plan has a number of proposed events in it and Nick suggested that we include our events on the Council’s events diary.

The bench project is to be put to consultation to the group so we can consider the design we want.

Our spring litter pick is to be held on a Saturday and we are hoping to involve the junior wardens and also students from the University’s conservation group.

We need to plan the big summer litter pick in advance. We hope to have hi-vis jackets with our group name on and use walkie-talkies to communicate during the event. We also need to tighten up our operation at the end of the event to ensure all those taking part are accounted for.

4. The Autumn Clean Up

The group had carried out a successful litter pick up on Weston Shore in early November 2013 on a beautiful autumn morning. The main lesson from the litter pick was to ensure future autumn events on the same day as Remembrance Sunday.

5. Funding from Ford

Sarah explained that the group has been successful in receiving funding of £100 from the Ford company and we shall write to them to thank them for their generosity. This money covers our room hire for 2014.

6. Community Chest Fund

With the help of Chris Smith from Groundwork the group has applied to Southampton City Council under its Community Chest Fund and we are waiting to hear the result of our application.

7. Nick Yeats

The group was pleased to welcome Nick from Southampton City Council to our meeting and he provided lots of information from his perspective. The following are some notes from his talk.

a.  Nick is looking for help from people in becoming judges for other areas for community awards.
b. The Council will be looking to update the management plan for Weston Shore and the group can be involved in this process.
c. The group is considering a walk along Weston Shore as one of it’s events in 2014 simply to enjoy the area and Nick suggested this could be combined with a survey as part of reviewing the management plan could be carried out during such a walk.
d. Nick mentioned the work proposed for the Victoria Road car park including the installation of a concrete skate park.
e. We also discussed the former pitch and putt course and the group put forwards its previous proposal of having a picnic area including some benches, surrounded by an area that was left to grow wild, almost like a miniature nature reserve
f. The shelters along Weston Shore were also discussed and their possible repair and the cost of installing plexiglass.
g. The group is interested in learning more about the wildlife on Weston Shore and is looking into, for example, learning about bird identification

8. Any Other Business

One underlying theme for next year is for the Friends as a group to learn more about the wildlife to be found on Weston Shore.

9. Next Meeting

The next meeting is set for Thursday 30th January 2014 at 7pm at the Woolston Community Centre.


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