Pirate Escapades at Weston Shore!

Yesterday visitors to beautiful Weston Shore were joined by Captain Robert Reneger, Southampton’s very own historical pirate, and his jolly crew of scallywags who were keen to make merry and get up to all sorts of mischief.

They were happy to be joined by novice pirates, both big and small, to join in the fun with pirate hat and parrot making and panning for gold in the sands of the shore, all for the big gold coins Captain Reneger was glad to hand out.  There was also the famous Pirate College, in which junior pirates learned the ropes of how to talk like a Pirate.  The hardest challenge was the Treasure Hunt which saw many fortune seekers looking for clues to the mystery of Reneger’s Gold across the wilds of Weston Shore.  Many eye patches were given to new shipmates from the good folk at the Jubilee Sailing Trust.


In reality, the Friends of Weston Shore and Groundwork South were delighted to play host at the Pirates’ Playground on Weston Shore in Southampton for this year’s event in celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day.   It was a fun, albeit rather windy, day and we are very grateful to everyone who came along to join us – especially one special guest who brought some pirate cakes along!


Southampton boasts its own historical pirate, dating from the time of Henry VIII, by the name of Captain Robert Reneger and the games were based on uncovering his secrets and the name of the Spanish galleon he ransacked.


The Friends of Weston Shore are a local community group working to promote and enhance Weston Shore in Southampton for everyone to enjoy and are very grateful for the help they receive from Groundwork South.



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