A busy September for the Friends of Weston Shore!

The Friends of Weston Shore have a packed programme of events for September after the success of our Big Beach Clean Up in August.

Today, we are off to the Friends Forum, run by Chris Smith from Groundwork Solent, to meet other similar groups to discuss our work, how we can grow from our successes and looking ahead to the future.

On Sunday 7th September, the Friends of Weston Shore will be at the Summer Fayre at Sholing Valleys, Station Road, Sholing, Southampton. This looks like a great event with lots to see and do. Sholing Valleys is a beautiful part of Southampton and we recommend visiting there if you haven’t been before.

On Sunday 15th September we are looking forward to meeting the crew from Groundwork Solent and taking part in a fun Pirate themed event at the Pirates’ Playground on Weston Shore. This starts at 11am and is a family event for children. Last year’s event was great and we hope lots of people make a similar effort to get dressed up and in the swing of being a scallywag!

Thursday 19th September will see the Friends of Weston Shore attending a meeting about how to gain new funding which is something the group is very interested in. We want to develop the work we do to help Weston Shore and so we are looking at new sources of funding to help with this. If anyone redaing this has any ideas please let us know.

On Thursday 26th September the Friends of Weston Shore will be giving a presentation to the Woolston Community Association which we are looking forward to.

So, lots going on! If you want to be part of all this please get in touch. Our email address is westonshore@gmail.com or you can tweet us @WestonShore.


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