Weston Shore and its Friends

Weston Shore is one of the few places in Southampton where you can have immediate contact with Southampton Water and is highly valued both by local people and visitors to the area.  It’s a beautiful place and many people have happy memories of wandering up its long, shingle beach enjoying the sunshine and the sea breezes.

It’s also important for wildlife and the foreshore is recognised as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Many people will know of it for the family of swans that have taken up residence or the seagulls that are a familiar sight.  Visitors from near and far love to take in the sights, bask in the warm glow of the sun or feel refreshed in the bracing wind of a winter’s day.

The Friends of Weston Shore grew out of an annual clean up on the shore that began in 1996.  With the help of Southampton City Council, these fixtures became a regular event.  The Friends of Weston Shore formed to build on these activities.

The clean ups have been a big success and are part of the plan that lead to the area being awarded the prestigious Green Flag award in recognition of the shore’s beauty.  They form a regular part of the group’s activities.

We have also been involved with book readings on the shore and picnics and helped to promote walks looking at the shore’s bird life. We are looking into new projects at present including perhaps a new bench on Weston Shore or signs to promote various points along the shore and links to other areas in the neighbourhood.

We are hoping that other people can join us and help make the most out of what is a very beautiful and treasured part of the city.  If you would like to get involved please get in touch!


One thought on “Weston Shore and its Friends

  1. I e have some wi derail walks along the shore and lots of happy childhood memories. The clean ups are much appreciated. Thank you. Seems such a pity people do t take their rubbish home with them though.

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