The Friends of Weston Shore – next meeting Thursday 22nd August

Weston shore is a beautiful stretch of shore in Southampton running alongside the Solent from the Sailing Club at the end of Victoria Rd in Woolston, down to Netley Castle. It is designated as an International Site of Special Interest (SSSI) because of the importance of the inter tidal mudflats which attract many wading birds, and is also of historic interest. The area has been carefully managed by the Council to encourage a variety of flora and wildlife to flourish, and to provide a splendid natural recreational area for city residents. Recently the area was awarded the prestigious `Green Flag’ award.

`Friends of Weston Shore’ is a small constituted friends group of local residents supported by Groundwork Solent and Southampton City Council. Our aim is to support the Council, by helping in protecting and enhancing the area for all to enjoy, and also protecting and encouraging the wide variety of flora and fauna.

We organise an annual ‘Big Beach Clean Up’ in August when we invite members of the public to help in clearing the Weston Shore area of litter and rubbish. This year we were delighted that fifty extra people came to join the group members in the clean up, gathering a large pile of full litter bags to be be removed and leaving a sparklingly clean shore! Each year we hold two `Beach Clean Up’ events for group members only and individual members go out litter picking in their own time. These activities enable us to promote awareness amongst the wider public of the significance of the site,and also to notify the council of any problems (eg graffiti) that we encounter.

If you care about the shore and would like to join in helping us in protecting and looking after this beautiful area, also looking to the future and considering how to build on our success …do get in touch! Or maybe you feel you have a particular skill that might be useful?

For more information or to join the group you can contact us at or twitter @WestonShore.

Our next FOWS meeting is at Woolston Community Centre, Church Road, Woolston on Thursday 22nd August at 7pm. we look forward to hearing from you ..


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