The Friends of Westwood

I’d been along to a meeting of the Friends of Westwood previously and they were a wonderfully friendly and welcoming group.  During the meeting they explained that every Tuesday they are out there carrying out work to help enhance the area’s beauty and I was keen to visit them on one of these days to help out.  Westwood is of course right next to Weston Shore and it is only natural that our groups should be in contact and working together to further our common aims.

Fortunately I was able this week to meet up with them at around 10.30am near the picnic area in Westwood.  They were already hard at work and allowed me to join in.  I had a great time with the Friends of Westwood and am looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon.  You can find more information about them here :

The Friends of Westwood are having a special event on Sunday 7th October 2012 between 11am and 3pm starting at the picnic area in Westwood.  This is the “Big Brown Work Day” and will include tree surveys, a guided walk and helping with their practical work.


Westwood, looking very lush and almost tropical!


Hard at work in Westwood..


Martin helps out with the conservation work


Yours truly helping to clear up some rubbish including what looked like a cupboard or fridge door


Time for a well earned coffee break.  The Friends of Westwood do great work in looking after such a beautiful part of Southampton!


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