Agenda for the Meeting on Thursday 19th April

Hello there,

This is a draft of the agenda for the meeting this Thursday, 19th April starting at 7pm. If anyone has any ideas for further items please get in touch.

Friends of Weston Shore 

Agenda for Meeting

 Thursday 19th April 2012 – 7pm

  1. Apologies and Minutes of previous meeting
  2. BTCV Chestnut Fund application- the equipment
  3. Community Chest fund application
  4. Weston Shore to Sholing Valleys Walk – review
  5. A guided walk along Weston Shore?
  6. Weston Shore Link clean up
  7. Sholing Valleys – LNR launch – 19th May 2012 – a stall?
  8. The Rolling Mills Picnic –  Sunday 22nd July?
  9. Big Clean Up on the Shore – 19th August 2012 – a new name?
  10. Posters, leaflets and the notice board
  11. Westwood Friends
  12. Sub-groups
  13. Chairman’s report
  14. Treasurer’s report – insurance premium?
  15. Secretary’s report
  16. Any other business



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