Cleaning Up Weston Shore!

We’re very happy to report that the Beach Clean Up this year was a great success as Friends of Weston Shore were helped by lots of local people eager to get out there and make our beautiful shore look great.  On a late summer day with a fresh wind, people descended on Weston Shore to get to grips with an environmental problem everyone can get a handle on – litter!

With lots of help from our friends at the Council, a small army of keen litter pickers got to work and very shortly the shore looked even better than before. The beach clean up has been held annually for some years now and we like to think the shore is looking great; clean and beautiful.  It was wonderful to see families getting involved as often kids are the keenest beach cleaners of all – we now have an offer from one of our younger participants to take it over in the future (thanks Marcus!)  There are also some local people who are litter picking on the shore on a very regular basis and they along with the inspirational volunteers in the big beach clean are part of the reason Weston Shore has undergone such an uplifting improvement in recent years.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved and also to all those people who spread the word.   At the end of the clean up, the Friends of Weston Shore were excited to play host to a journalist and photographer from The Daily Echo and we really appreciate the support the paper has given us over the years.

Personally, the Big Beach Clean Up always makes me feel really happy: to see so many people giving up their own free time to work on making an important part of our local environment cleaner and more beautiful for everyone to enjoy is such a hopeful sign of what we can achieve.  It was a great success this year and I’m looking forward to Friends of Weston Shore being part of even greater progress for the area in the future.

Photos from today’s events can be found below, please click on them for a larger view.



Friends of Weston Shore


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