Guide to safe litter picking..!

Litter picking – the Safe Way!

We are looking forward to lots of people taking part in the Big Beach Clean Up for Weston Shore which is on Sunday 28th August 2011 between 11am and 2pm.  We know from previous litter picks that within just a few hours we can make the beach looked beautiful and clean for everyone to enjoy.  We think even the seagulls appreciate our efforts! Here are a few pointers while you take part :

  • Don’t touch anything that looks dangerous. In particular do not under any circumstances touch syringes, waste medical supplies of any kind or condoms. If you see anything of this sort please let us know.
  • Please leave any tyres you may find. They tend to be heavy and we don’t want volunteers lifting them.  In addition they become habitats for wildlife on the shore so removing them could destroy a valuable resource.
  • Please don’t lift anything heavy or cumbersome. Anything that requires you to strain should really just be left.  If you can’t pick it up with a litter picker, just leave it!
  • Please mind where you are treading and avoid walking on planks of wood as they may have upturned, exposed nails in them.
  • The area we are covering is bounded by the pavement along Weston Parade when near the road. It does not include any area on the other side of the road.
  • Please do not move any sticks, branches or logs. Anything natural, including objects made of wood, should be left particularly as they could be a habitat.
  • Please leave broken glass especially if it is sharp looking edges. Some glass on the shore will be worn down smooth but anything sharp is best left alone.

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